Hey Success

Do you believe that your future is 100% in your hands? You cannot believe because you lost your optimism in thousands of meaningless and complicated from your school books? The practical experience during studies is in very low level … And it all boils down to the same thing – memorizing books, exam, the process of forgetting, diploma and then some else decided about our fate (and usually the unemployment line).

This would all be acceptable that we now in the 19th century, but the period of human history that has opened unlimited opportunities, especially for young people, it is a real tragedy to lose millions of young talent every year through a process of formal education.

Solution as a product of discussions with more than 300 young people from more than 120 countries about “Why more than 95% of young people after completion of formal educated student remain at the very beginning of the acquisition of real and useful skills, required for their careers,” is the site in the first stage have goal to bring together all scholarships, full paid, youth conferences, meetings, practices and creative competitions from around the world easily and freely available. And that’s just the beginning. Above all, HeySuccess concept is to fantastic generation of young people shows that there is a whole world of opportunities outside the University, and to offer them concrete steps to believe in their uniqueness, and they went into the realization of their dreams.

Go ahead – you belong to the best generation of young people in human history! USE it and step out of the mediocrity and boredom!

It is Up to you!