Mednarodno usposabljanje programa Erasmus+ “Radical Escape” – Češka, 2020

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V začetku meseca marca so se trije člani Kluba študentov Kranj udeležili mednarodnega usposabljanja “Radical Escape”, ki je potekalo na Češkem. Organizator in gostitelj aktivnosti je bila organizaciji Be International. Namen usposabljanja je bil mladinskim delavcem omogočiti okrepitev preventivnih ukrepov proti radikalizaciji mladih z uporabo izobraževalnih konceptov, ki temeljijo na igrah imenovanih Escape games.

Za podrobnejše informacije o programu in ciljih projekta klikni tukaj.Več o njihovi izkušnji si lahko prebereš v reviji Zapik.

Te zanima več – kaj je mobilnost mladih, komu je sodelovanje namenjeno in kaj imaš ti kot posameznik od tega da sodeluješ? Na tej povezavi najdeš marsikateri odgovor, vedno pa nam lahko pišeš na mednarodni@ksk.siProjekt Radical Escape je bil sofinanciran iz programa Erasmus+: Mladi v akciji.


International Erasmus+ training course “Radical Escape” – Czech Republic

In March Klub študentov Kranj team of three members set off on a road trip towards Czech Republic. Starting in the late afternoon the journey lasted well over 5 hours. We drove straight to the town of Brno, where we recharged our batteries and stayed the night. Next day on March 11th, the Erasmus + project started in Kapraluv Mlyn, a scout home in the middle of a nature reservation just 10 km away from the centre of Brno. Our team who had already gotten to know each other well in the last day appeared on the site before the rest of the participants and had made our self comfortable. In the evening, all the participants of the training had gathered and a social interacting followed. The real training began the day after. About 20 participants from different countries namely Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Malta and of course Slovenia attended the international training “Radical Escape”, with the aim of gaining and strengthening preventive measures against radicalization of youth using educational concepts based mainly on Escape Games.

The project organizers who were also coaches provided a very rich and varied program, which was divided into short lectures. They were mostly based on a wide variety of workshops, mental and social games that encouraged self-exploration as well as getting to know other participants. As a group, we very quickly connected in just a few days and we felt that it was too early for us to leave training because of the mounting situation.  We did so with a heavy heart. The end goal of the project was to form groups who would have created their own concepts of Escape Rooms that would have served as means of raising awareness of young people against radicalization.  Sadly the plan was cut off by the Corona virus. For safety reasons and the rise of limitations on travel logistics, we were sent home.

However, from the lectures and workshops both as a group and as individuals we have taken away a wealth of practical knowledge that will come in handy in future projects and challenges.

Never say never, but maybe next spring we could do a reunion and finish what we had started.

Experiences from our participants:

Nika: “This was the first project for me and it certainly turned out to be a great and unforgettable experience but unfortunately, it ended too soon. I am glad that we as a team of Slovenian members have so closely connected with our openness and relaxed posture and have also transferred this energy to other participants. I would also like to commend the project organizers and the coaches who took care in planning of a very interesting program and in general, for their hard work, conscientiousness and diligence in the days when we were all pressured by what was happening around Europe in association to Corona virus. It was my first but certainly not the last Erasmus experience. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves new challenges, acquiring of knowledge and a lot of new friends.”

Jan K.: “The desire to meet people from different countries and traveling are two things that always fascinate me. As a result, participation in the project made me extremely happy. We departed our homes in good spirits and did not overburden ourselves with the situation that gained new meaning for all of us in the coming days. In addition to the joy of carrying out the project, I must admit that at least the male members of the team were extremely happy to travel to the Czech Republic for a very specific reason. Beer, beer, beer… The Czech Republic and the city of Brno where we were heading to certainly did not disappoint in this area.

After our arrival, we made the most of the free evening and the next day the program of the project began. I was surprised by the volume of knowledge we have received regarding the radicalization of young people in today’s society and the causes behind it. More relaxing was the part of the program where we learned the concepts of learning through play and escape rooms. We should have prepared these for ourselves in the project but the early completion of our education was instigated by the uninvited Corona. The participants returned home with a bitter aftertaste but still in good mood. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the project, which was the first one for me and apparently you never forget your first. When are we going again?!”

Jan J: “My first training program after two exchanges was really something special. The location was great. We were staying somewhere in the middle of the Czech countryside just minutes from Brno. For the most part the food was vegetarian but delicious. The participants had variety of different characters and worldviews and were coming from all over Europe. I learned a lot in such a short period. Before the project commenced I would never have dared to say that I could have created an escape room. Because of the Corona virus, we had to interrupt the project somewhere in the halfway towards the completion so the last night before leaving we threw a party and said goodbye. The project has finished but the knowledge and friendships will remain.”

For more information about the program and it’s goals click here. Do you want to know more about youth mobility, who can participate and what can you get from it? On this link you will find a lot of answers and you can always write to us on

Project was co-financed by the Erasmus+ Youth in Action programme.